Subversion everywhere…

OK, so maybe we won’t use Perforce.  A mischevious consultant casually mentioned that a lot of his clients use Subversion, and essentially recommended that we use it too.  So now the management types have decied we need to evaluate and consider Subversion.  Fun.  We’ve been evaulating source control tools for about a year now, and we were sooo close to finally actually making a decision.  But alas, the saga continues.

It looks like Subversion is basically CVS with some improvements.  It’s all open source, which I suppose is kind of neat.  But along with open source comes all sorts of fun little troubleshooting.  At least with a commercial vendor, they’ll help us get things set up, and support us if we need it.  Of course, that kind of thing comes with a hefty price tag, and, well, you know, it’s not like our source code integrity is really a big deal or anything.  Certainly not worth spending a few grand to make things better.  Nah…

Also, the other fun thing is trying to figure out how to get our stuff from VSS into Subversion, while keeping all our labels and history and all that jazz intact.

Well, the good side of all this is:  we’ve thought this thing through to death, and whatever we do decide on, we’ll never be able to go back and say “oh, why didn’t we consider that?”.  It never hurts to be thorough when choosing a toolset you’re planning to have for years and years to come.


2 Responses to “Subversion everywhere…”

  1. javaxman Says:

    You can purchase Subversion support from CollabNet ( ) if you want corporate helpdesk support. They also offer training services. CollabNet sponsored a good portion of the development of Subversion, so this isn’t just some guys who think they know the tool.

  2. theReleaseGuy Says:

    Hi javaxman, thanks for the tip. CollabNet is a solid groups of folks, and I’d definitely recommend them for support if needed.

    Though, I’ve found that working with SVN is actually pretty straightforward, and once it’s up and running, I don’t anticipate much need for support.

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