Which source control system?

So we’re thinkin about getting off of this clunker VSS.  Sounds like MSFT is plannin to phase out VSS as a stand-alone solution, and bundle it in with the VS Team Foundation suite.

In doing some research and product comparison, it looks like PerForce is the way to go.  Anyone have any thoughts/tips about migrating source control systems?  Sounds like it’s gonna be a fun one! 


3 Responses to “Which source control system?”

  1. Josh Ryan Says:

    It’s too bad the Berlios site doesn’t get updated because there are a plethora of other SCM tools to choose from than what is listed. AccuRev is my personal favorite as my company struggled for years with file-based version control without automated process control. If you want process control that isn’t scary to use or manage, and you work on multiple releases in parallel, AccuRev should be evaluated in your list of tools.

    Good luck!

  2. theReleaseGuy Says:

    Just to follow up – we ended up deciding on Subversion (http://subversion.tigris.org/) for source control and I love it!

    It’s free/open source, and it just works. It’s really easy to get used to, and so far all of my engineers seem to dig working with it. For client tools, it’s tough to beat TortioseSVN (http://tortoisesvn.net/), it’s just an add-on to Windows expolrer, and makes it real easy to work with checkins and stuff. Tie it to a tool like QuickBuild and life is good.


  3. Josh Ryan Says:

    Cool. I’ll try to remember to look back for a future update to see how you’re making out with it. Found this open source SCM article a few weeks ago. May be of interest. http://www.upsideresearch.com/

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